YAMREGS produces title-related keyboard registrations
in premium quality for direct download.

Keyboard on foggy stage

Although YAMREX works exclusively with preset styles (onboard styles), passionate programming and decades of sound experience guarantee stage-ready sound quality and maximum fidelity of our premium sound creations.
We also offer non-premium bulk data packages of keyboard registrations at an favorable price.

Your advantages with YAMREGS premium keyboard registrations packages:

Everything complete
for your direct start.

All necessary parts included.

Every premium YAMREGS package is complete, so you can get started on the keyboard right away: Print PDF, load registration & multipads (and relink them), play with style straight away! An all-round perfect keyboard software package with incredible sound!
Read here what music software exactly is included.

Reliable sound quality
without big reworking.

With premium YAMREGS download packages (as opposed to including title-related styles), neither re-linking of the style nor time-consuming sound adjustment of the style tracks is necessary. As YAMREGS only uses preset styles, all style track settings for each register memory place are retained even after loading into the keyboard and sound exactly the same on your own keyboard as the audio demos from the YAMREGS studio. Only the multipads (if included) would have to be integrated into purchased keyboard registrations, for which clear instructions are included in every YAMREGS package.

Not much to do. Relax!

Top sound that is
second to none!

Topsound dance music.

Keyboard playing voices are programmed optimally and unusually authentically for each register memory place. A premium YAMREGS package is not simply limited to 4 economical OTS sounds, as is the case with title-related styles (if at all). It offers you up to 10 (Genos) partly completely different sound configurations, depending on the title and necessity. In addition, there is intensive revoicing of the style tracks and, in many cases, tricky multipads for an authentic top sound. YAMREGS keyboard registrations offer home players or stage musicians an extraordinary sound that will thrill any audience!

Leadsheets guide you
through the song.

All premium YAMREGS download packages (not non-premium bulk packs!) contain a lead sheet with clear instructions for the respective song title, are structured in tabular form according to song parts and do not contain scores. They contain all the necessary information about the relevant switching tasks during the individual song parts in the entire song, all chords for your styleplay, as well as additional information. Our leadsheets also contain information on which multipads are used in which bars at which register memory place and how they can be optimally linked there.

A YAMREGS Lead sheet example.

Technical information & practical tips.

Practical tips for using YAMREGS keyboard registrations.

Click on the image to read the most important technical information and tips for using YAMREGS!