What music software does a YAMREGS
premium package include?

All necessary parts of music software included.

All our download packages can be purchased here in the YAMREGS store. Each individual premium download package (this does not include non-premium bulk packs!) comes as a zip file and contains the following components:

In all cases a premium music software package include:

A) 1 registration bank (.rgt file) with as many occupied registration memory places as is useful for your own live playing of the title.
B) 1 lead sheet (.pdf file) with information on elementary switching processes in the course of the song during your own live performance on the keyboard.
C) 1 demo audio (.mp3 file) which demonstrates the complete song cover including all switching operations during live playing.

Included music software in most cases of premium packages:

1 or more multipad banks (.pad file(s)) with as many programmed (occupied) memory places as is useful for your own live playing with chord accompaniment of the song.

To get an idea of our premium music software download packages in advance, a free package download is available for each keyboard model. Demo audios are also available for all premium pack song titles so that you can listen to them in advance. Test YAMREGS music software in advance and you’ll be amazed!